Saturday, December 31, 2005

Mustang Ropes a Hammock

Windveil pauses in front of a tiny shop which began making rope hammocks in the 1930's. What has become world famous as the " Pawleys Island Rope Hammock " started here in humble beginnings.

This piece of land which is just a few miles north of Georgetown, SC, was once part of a very large plantation tract. The Lachicote family bought a part of the property and began their hammock business in the tiny house in the picture.

The Pawleys Island Hammock is a system of ropes woven into a structured pattern which holds the material together. At either end of the weave is a length of bowed wood which acts as spreaders and through which each primary strand of rope is fed. One through the spreaders the strands are drawn to a single point at which the rings are fastened to support the hammock.

Thirty years ago these hammocks were popular on the coast of South Carolina, but had not become the world famous item which they are today.

The shop had quite a nice variety of these hammocks for sale, but it seemed that letting back the Mustang seats would be almost as restful and costs nothing extra. It's always nice to visit these points of interest, fondle the goods, but practicing some restraint and putting that money into the tank to promote new adventures.

Pawleys is still right nice, but lies a the door step of one of the largest concentrations of tourist traps in the world: " The Grand Strand ". Of course, you can buy souvenirs from Key West to Bangor, Maine, as well as this little shop, but it was quite resistible. Our souvenirs cost nothing as they are the very photos we share with our readers.


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