Monday, December 12, 2005

Screwy Buoy and Blue Boy

Both metal objects in this picture are happy to be on dry land.

The Windveil has kept prudently out of all bodies of water so far in spite of the often flooded streets of Low Country South Carolina towns. It's red friend used to make the sea it's home. This is an aid to navigation sea buoy which was anchored off the coast of South Carolina about 15 years ago.

The buoy broke free and drifted and buoys will do when so liberated. This one strayed in record ways. It was discovered in Scotland in 1990 and returned by the dutiful Scots to Charleston. Not given to wasting money, the Scots delivered the buoy to it's home for a sum of 1.5 cents per mile which came to $92.00 US.

The screwy red buoy was placed in this little memorial park just off of London Avenue in Port Royal, South Carolina where, hopefully, no tide will rise high enough to reclaim it to the sea.

If the Blue Boy should escape it's moorings, I shall be more than happy to double the reward money for it's safe return.


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