Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mustang goes National !

Well, the " National Grocery Co. ", that is, right at the corner of Spring at Coming Streets on the peninsula of Charleston. It's an old store which also goes under the moniker of M & J Grocery and has probably had many others through the years. The artwork on its siding suggests only a trace of its colorful past which may soon fall under the steamroller of re-gentrification.

Part of the role of this journal is to document many such places as this which may no long remain in their colorful and individual state if, in fact, they remain at all. This is a significant structure and will be more difficult for developers to demolish, but even if not one board is removed it is likely to become something entirely different. Whatever nice new renovated jewel of urban renewal this might become, at least you've had the chance to see it as it was.


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