Tuesday, December 13, 2005

GT visits Pawleys Island Chapel

Blue is the overriding theme of this picture and, at times, of this entire journal. The Mustang is drawn near the Pawleys Island (SC) Chapel, a wooden structure supported by pilings driven into the salt marsh of this sandy beach island. The only lawn is that sea of marsh grass which grows right up to bottom of the building.

This little chapel is a favorite site for weddings. It's just the place as long as you don't have a large wedding party or many invited guests. The chapel draws visitors from all over the state of South Carolina and beyond. Pawleys Island still maintains a relatively high percentage of old fashioned beach houses. The massive modern mansions which have displaced modest houses of character and local color in many beach communities have not yet got the upper hand here.

This little chapel might be bulging when one gets married, but if one is graced with a good long life, there's more than enough room for mourners at funeral time. Some wiseacres will often confuse one ceremony with the other.

While this rustic little gem lacks the grandeur and majesty of a gothic cathedral, it provides no less spiritual joy for its parishioners. Accordingly one is called to wonder if the Almighty does not look favorably upon this little car and its journey, why is the sky Windveil Blue ?


Anonymous Bob and Elaine said...

I guess Blue Mountain coffee fits in with the theme. We will take you out for supper again if it means getting coffee in the mail. Thank you so much. We are enjoying a cup right now.
We really had a good time in Charleston and enjoyed meeting up with you.

Bob and Elaine Perry

5:22 PM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Bob and Elaine. Come aboard and join us in the odd and beautiful, histoic and funky sites in the Southeast.

3:18 AM  

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