Monday, December 26, 2005

Bumming Around Folly

Folly Beach may losing its Jimmy Buffet style of relaxed living, but there are still quite a few signs of it around. One legacy of the Margaritaville motif is the building in front of which the Windveil has parked.

One of Folly's finest qualities has been its eclectic style, that is, no two houses look alike. Often the styles are mixed even with the same building. One glance at this place reveals that style of mixing. The wording on the front seems quite in conflict with the logo over the professional offices on the left. There is the suggestion that this attorney might not be your shy, retiring sort, while the main lettering indicates a more relaxed approach in the other part of the building.

The GT did some extended bumming around Folly Beach and will post additional reports and photos of this delightful island from which the tide of individuality is ebbing.


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