Thursday, December 22, 2005


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At times the equine metaphor might seem a bit long in the saddle, but this backdrop was far too powerful to pass up. In the previous posting the Mustang was shown from the opposite side of this dramatic sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens.

On this, the eastern exposure of the sculpture, the viewer gets a different impression of that same work of art. That sculpted blue metallic work of art also gives one a different feeling from different angles of view. When more often seen side long or at angular points of view it seems to be showing itself to the view. Here looking straight down the bore, the car seems to be watching, confronting the viewer.

From all other angles and especially in this particular color, the car presents with a tranquil grace and almost detached nature. It is appropriate that it be posed before this turbulent sculpture when viewed from what is clearly its aggressive angle of view: head on. It belongs to a size, style and performance class of American automobiles nicknamed in the late 1960's as " Pony " cars. It is the last of that class still in production.

This picture may suggest why the Mustang did not go quietly into the night as did all the others.


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