Friday, December 23, 2005

Even the Stars Come Out for the Mustang.

I hope that it doesn't seem like blowing one's own horn, but the Windveil Blue GT still turns heads some seven months after it arrived. It's not unusual to notice peoples' eyes follow the car as it rounds a corner or passes in front of them. Even at the end of the model year there are relatively few of them out on the streets.

Here, as anyone can plainly see, the Stars have come out to behold the Mustang.

Poor Marilyn seems to be in one of her glazed states, James Dean is looking away because he can't stand anything which outshines him and is in denial over the Windveil's arrival. Sammy clearly likes what he sees and may be thinking that the Mustang grille ornament might make a great addition to his medallion collection. Beholding the car has old Dean Martin in a dreamy state and on the verge of singing an old Italian love song to the car.

Bogart, Bergman and Bacall heard the resonant exhaust tones of the GT then sprang to the window and threw open the sash. They like what they see and are in no hurry to look away. Bogey is heard to say, " this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship ". Now, Marlon is scratching himself and giving the car the old once over. He always fancied himself a rebel with raw animal energy and a sculpted form, but he now has to face the fact that those traits lay before him upon four wheels on which he ain't. There is a new " Wild One " on the road.


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