Wednesday, December 07, 2005


The Windveil Blue Mustang has been arrayed before a host of stately buildings, plantation houses, dramatic industrial structures and natural wonders. It's been to the heights literally and figuratively. Lest readers begin to think that this is a haughty perch of some aloof vehicular snob, it seems appropriate to pull up to some less fancy digs.

The Sunset Motel seemed to be the perfect place to show the other side of our travels. Unlike the countless franchise motels which are so visible from the interstate highways, the Sunset is set back behind some lush foliage. The classic concrete planter is between blooms, It was way past Cinco de Mayo so it must have been Alamo Day and the horticulturists were on vacation. Otherwise, the lawn would be up to their strict standards.

Those with higher resolution screens will notice that on the vacancy sign the word "NO' has been whited out. This is a sign of hospitality. Sure, there is a high demand for such lodging, but even if the suites or even their twin Queen smokers are all taken, they will find a place, some place, any place to lay your head. You won't get the old cold shoulder here.

Dial phones are on the way, but unfortunately when we checked the e-mail amenity had not yet been installed. Busy executives on holiday don't want those annoyances so in keeping with the relaxed pace of life here so good old US Mail is available at no extra charge as is obvious from the colorful rural style boxes in the picture.

Valet parking is available, but our comprehensive insurance carrier has not yet approved them. Not to worry, each cottage has its very own garage attached.

You've got to be wondering whether room service would be available on top of all the other special features of this premium lodging. Since time was short we had no opportunity to sample their 4 star dining, but for those in a rush we did notice that a designer hot plate is available upon request. All of this without that annoying two night minimum which pricey hotels demand. Who could ask for more ?


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