Monday, December 05, 2005

Mile Stones

Faithful ( long suffering ) readers might recall the photo in which the Windveil encountered a 24 MPH road sign, an increment which appears on no speedometer foreign or domestic. That was an oddball sign found on a run of the mill road several months ago.

Yesterday the Windveil encountered a normal speed limit sign, but in a rather unusual place.

Cruising north on Hwy 15 in Colleton County a quick glance at the fuel gauge revealed the startling fact that the tank was almost flat empty. This was due to passing too many feed bags hoping for cleaner pumps and fresher fuel. The procedure for stretching one's luck under these circumstances is to shift up into 5th gear and drop down to 45 miles per hour and into cruise control.

When you've got a full tank you're awash in Wal-Marts, fast food joints and gas stations on EVERY corner, but nary a blade of grass nor one green tree for miles. Of course, when the needle is south of the red mark all one could see was God's green earth, miles of forests, acres of emerald lawns, but not even a tank of hand pumped kerosene. There being no " Georgia Credit Card " ( a siphon hose ) aboard, you look for cargo to toss out the window to lighten the load like some struggling plane in a 40's adventure film.

Lo and behold, with the hungry blue car locked into 45 and close to empty, some planted ground was spotted near a church which is populated with those who have already run out of gas. Right there in the cemetery was a speed limit sign which was itself stuck on 45 MPH. The irony of it all was enough to spur the little car on to St. George, SC, and right up to a pump..on fumes.


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