Saturday, November 12, 2005

Water Wheel meets Hot Wheels

I will resist singing, " Down By The Old Mill Stream ", but I could not resist stopping at the spillway downstream of Highland Lake in Flat Rock, N.C.

Here Windveil Blue meets the cool blue water of that lake as it tumbles endlessly over the spillway imparting quite a picturesque backdrop for this photo.

It provides and even more convenient environment for the barn red buildings behind the blue car. This is something of a quasi chalet of sorts which has been fully redone to take on the aura of Hickory Farms meets Niagara Falls. I don't believe that this exact spot has drawn many honeymooners, but I, myself, have nearly gone over the falls in years past and without benefit of a barrel.

Water from the spillway is diverted and ducted to a water wheel clearly seen in the background. No one seems to be inside of the barn red quasi chalet, but the wheel turns always. There is no apparent application for this ever turning water wheel, but perhaps it is generating electricity to supply the massive developments which have encircled Highland Lake just as this pastoral scene must draw countless visitors who in turn decide to settle in these developments.

Perhaps no one lives there, but someone is taking good care of the window boxes..


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