Monday, October 24, 2005

See Wee'd

It's not seaweed, but a great sea feed which we see in Seewee. Here in a blue on blue moment, the Windveil has pulled up to the door at Seewee Restaurant near Awendaw, SC, on Hwy 17 North, only to find it closed as it is on any given Sunday. It's not that we forgot it was closed on Sunday nor did we fail to notice that it was in fact Sunday, but felt the need to add this image to our album as we were in the area on a very different mission: A survey of the surface of Hwy 402, Steed Creek Road which is at the center of a firestorm of controversy over the repaving of that well worn ribbon of asphault between Moncks Corner and Hwy 17 near Awendaw. See that report later this week.

That survey having just been completed, we dashed up to the Seewee Restaurant to make sure that they had not been bought out by Wal-mart or turned into yet another Gilligan's. Fortunately, they have not. They have good and honest food with menu items you could easily imagine, some you might not, but they do something to eggplant which seems unknown to other restaurants. We're not affiliated with or in any way paid off by the folks here, but if they did happen to comp us on one of their very fine meals, you'll certainly hear much more about the place right here.

While they're not many Windveil Blue 2005 GT's out on the road yet, with our luck, someone else has one, will drive up to Seewee and snag that free meal which rightfully is ours. There's no justice on the road, but some good eating to be had near Awendaw.


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