Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thomas Wolfe Hood Oranament

I never thought this car needed any dressing up, customizing or adornments. I did, in fact, special order that the so called " spoiler ", that fanciful appendage which looks something like a transverse wing be deleted at the factory. So clean were the car's lines I felt.

Content in this Windveil Blue automobile with such clean lines, I found myself coursing through the streets of Hendersonville, N.C. Suddenly I am drawn to a cemetery in which some fine old families are planted. Unable to resist a tour, fate drew me to the final address of the famous playwright, Thomas Wolfe. There is at that site erected an angel which recalls his famous play, " Look Homeward Angel ".

I stopped at the very spot and confronted the scene carefully. Suddenly it hit me that the only thing this car could possible use was the right sort of hood ornament and the Angel would do nicely. Very nicely.

Unseating the statue was fraught with some effort, but finding the body shop which could fasten this ornament to the Mustang hood is taking more time than I thought.

It was nice up in Western North Carolina two weekends ago and I did spend an untoward amount of time and effort on this special project. As the shadows lengthened and the sun went away, I too, had to look homeward.


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