Monday, October 31, 2005

BAT MOBILE or Bat Out of Hell

In this blog we always stress driving safety and speak modestly of the virtues of the Windveil, but we've jut got to admit that this car runs like a bat out of hell.

Folks O' faith tell us that once in hell, one doesn't generally get out, but we're wondering how a bat gets into hell in the first place. Well, if bats could drive, this would be their exit visa.

In observance of this, the day before Halloween, we decided to make the most of the bat metaphor. While the real Bat Mobile is black and Bruce Wayne had the day off to make apple juice, we decided to become the Bat Mobile and fly our own course. Where would YOU go if you had such a bee under the bonnet? Well, Bat Cave, N.C., of course !

Bat Cave is an attractive little town in Western North Carolina tucked away at the edge of Henderson County on Hwy 64. It's an easy drive from Asheville or Hendersonville, but the problem is that you don't actually know when you're there at least not right away. In our drive we passed in and out then in an almost back out before finding out that where we were. We were there, but the official town sign which greets almost every town in the 100 counties of the Tar Heel State, was NOT to be found. Every town has a sign to proudly proclaim it's existence, but not Bat Cave. No way.

We discussed the problem in depth in today's trip with the proprietor of the establishment pictured above. He told us that owing to the odd name of the town, all road signs had been stolen so many times that they stopped counting and stopped replacing them as well. The point of the trip, however, had been to take a photo of the Mustang as it entered the town, but with none to be found, we draw up at the Bat Cave Apple House, a far cry from a sinister looking sign, but proof enough that we were there. The only signs we could find were plastic automobile license plates with " Bat Cave " cast upon them for Five U.S. Bucks each. We decided to put that toward a nice bottle of honey and use this picture instead.

Windveil may not much resemble that first Bat Mobile, but it is fleet of foot and seems quite up to the task. Hey, it's a much nicer looking car than most others in the road and while it may leave a little rubber on the road, it won't leave any guano.


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