Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wayne's World: Crickets to Tickets

The GT is backed up to the cricket box at Wayne's, near Rosinville, SC, a nice little place which is listed on Windviel's Top Twenty approved country stores in S.C. We thought about taking on a load of crickets to release in church on Sunday, but settled instead on a small Coke and a Butterfinger ice cream bar.
Next to the cricket box is a set of Crappie poles which is not a negative evaluation, but a time honored means of snagging the fish which bears that odd name. Next to those is one of the very last standing pay phones in the Free World.

Upon entering the store one is confronted with an astounding array of candies, a great variety of beer, countless fishing tackle, NASCAR notions, bug sprays, PayDays, a lazarette of cigarettes, the place you pay for your crickets and lottery tickets and the very nice lady behind the counter who drives that motorcycle out front. They have the cleanest rest room of any of the top 20 on the list, nicer than some expensive restaurants.

They've got nearly everything, but as far as we can tell...no Wayne. We wondered if he's a silent partner, the unseen guiding hand or perhaps he's the one who has to go out and catch all those crickets.


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