Monday, October 17, 2005

GT in East Berlin

Just kidding. Actually there's no longer an "East" Berlin and unfortunately there are no longer 3 nice old buildings on the main street of St. George, S.C. This does look like the morning after an Allied bombing raid, however, a fire ended such urban renewal as might have been planned for this section. Perhaps that fire hydrant at the far left of the photo may have prevented even greater destruction.

Fragile plans to revitalize many small towns in South Carolina have enjoyed mixed success, but this may not be one of them. Windviel will blow back through St. George on future tours to report such progress as we hope will obtain. In most of these hamlets if three buildings were to be reused the smart money would predict a Dollar Store, a Chinese buffet and a convenience store. With a clear slate for these spaces perhaps they can break out of that rut in order that good opportunities might rise from these ashes.

If Elloree, SC, a subject for future reporting, can turn two main street blocks into attractive and active businesses, St. George with even better highway access could do as well. We shall see.

Faithful readers will recall the recent photo and story about the GT sustaining a right rear puncture and the subsequent changing of that flat tire at a remote and beautiful river landing. Does this picture suggest where that nail might have joined us ?


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Blogger Laurin Manning said...

I just laughed for about 5 minutes at the "GT in East Berlin"! hehehehe! Great site!

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