Thursday, October 27, 2005

Equine Rivalry

The 2005 GT is a revival car, a retro edition which suggests the early model designs of its 40 year history. Interestingly, the word " MUSTANG " appears nowhere on the body of the GT, but the famous logo from the early years, the galloping pony, does. Additionally, the Mustang is the last surviving member of a class of intermediate sized muscle vehicles which were called " pony cars ".

Just south of McClellanville, SC, this pony pulled up at the Kick' N Horse Saloon in a gesture of equine rivalry. We are first of all parked in the No Parking zone in defiance of a sign placed by the management rather than the law. We're not sure who the law is out in these parts and even less certain of the management. We are certain enough to know that it's a good idea to keep the motor running when making an incursion such as this in their coral.

The folks who populate and patronize the Saloon saddle up on two-wheelers. This is a biker haven, a place where a sunrise service is held on Easter Sundays, but probably not in quite the same format as most church folk are accoustomed. Their sacrements tend toward a different style.

There was a small gathering off camera most of whom appeared to be smiling, but once this photo was snapped it seemed incumbent to hoof it on out of there. Not that we sensed any ill will or negative reception, but this pony was champing at the bit to keep rolling.


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