Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Transylvania Terrace

After the trip to Bat Cave, NC, it seemed appropriate to continue this creepy theme.
A nice brisk drive across Henderson County's scenic mountain roads took us to Transylvania County. In the photo above the Windveil is poised on Transylvania Terrace and about to launch the next leg of our trip. Since Halloween has become a month long celebration and on the brink of becoming a national holiday, the least we could do was pay homage to one its primary fear factors.

If Anne Rice can turn from vampires to writing about religion then we felt that this heavenly blue Mustang could lay down a few miles in vampire territory. Not that we're superstitious, but it seemed a good idea to lock the doors and run the windows up to make sure that Ms. Rice did not fly in the window. Fortunately, we were never bitten in the neck and the only blood suckers we encountered were at the gas pumps.

Happy Motoring as our friends at Exxon used to say.


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