Saturday, November 19, 2005

Set the GPS for BBQ

On first glance it may appear that the Windveil has halted at a checkpoint in captured Argentine land now occupied by the US as our flying flag suggests. After all you see Pampus Grass at the rear and exotic plains beyond the car. Observant readers will notice the Sweatmann's Bar-b-que sign at the upper right.

Yes, we never did leave the airspace of Orangeburg County, SC, but had landed in a porcine paradise.

This was another one of those exploration days ( aren't they all? )which took us up into the heart of dairy farming country where some exotic hybrid has turned all the emergent peanut plants I saw last month into cotton. Clemson has been called in and will address this freak event of nature after football season. We went on prospecting for old time family Barbecue near Eutawvile, SC.

New for 2005: Ford includes BBQ sensors in the grille of the Mustang GT. As an option one can order a Pickled Pigs Feet filter which prevents the car from swerving into the countless Dew Drop Inns and honky tonk tackle shops which populate so many of the back roads where we seek are back ribs.

We are gathering a series of Way Points to be programmed into our BBQ-GPS so that we can reach our chosen pork points more directly and use less of the special sause which is poured into the tank. On the GT's fuel gauge it says HOT SAUCE ONLY.


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