Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Two Seater meets Two Seater

The Two Seater Mustang pulls aside another two seater, an off road type. Ford promoted the comfort which the 2005 Mustang offered, but the other two seater has certainly earned its own reputation for comfort as well. As to the quality of the ride, both are pretty steady there, but the Mustang is clearly a softer ride.

With the famous equine motif, the Mustang is fancifully considered a mount as well as the other one. Old #7 has what has been called a porclein pony showing further kinship between them. For escape from the immediate family, both offer some advantages there. One has the option of leaving the seat in either the upright or down position with both.

Both are two door, hard top models, however, a second party approaching the Mustang might be a bit more interested in entering while another person is seated than might be the inclination with #7. In both cases a guest might well be releived after exiting. Which one is better on gas ?

Both are suitable for reading. In the Mustang you're good for maybe a few pages, but in the other one you can go through the whole catalog sooner or later. The Sears catalog is a real page turner.

In the Mustang one might experience a very slight weight gain, while in #7 one is almost assured of at least a small weight loss. The Mustang is highly touted for it's many conveniences while old #7 IS the convenience. When the passengers of each have had a good ride, both are likely to leave some rubber behind.

In one breakaway issue, when it comes down to being wasteful, Old #7 is far worse than the Mustang. Of course, the Mustang is a far more free and casual proposition while the other two seater always has follow up paperwork.

FBI statistics report that the Ford Mustang is stollen far more often than the other two seater. Go figure.


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