Friday, November 25, 2005

Roll Out the Blue Carpet

For the first time the secret assembly plant for the 2005 Mustang GT is finally revealed. The internet was filled with all sorts of wild stories about production delays, scarcity of parts, strikes in vendor plants, front end suspension fantasies, and, of course, alien sabotage on the assembly lines. For those of you who had to wait for months on delivery, here's the reason why.

As you can see from the background vegetation, this ain't exactly Dearborn, Michigan. It's not even an industrial site and it's surely not a dealership. This is, in fact, a secret facility camouflaged to avoid detection by aircraft, down an unmarked dirt road with misleading signs.

In this photo taken with a hidden camera one can clearly see many of the components which go into the manufacture of the GT. Notice the handsome artwork above the door which throws yet another curve ball to the curious while maintaining the equine lineage. The red cage contains the guard bird which squawks its shrill warning when uninvited guests appear. What appear to be banners above are really large paint chips color coded for the car.

One the right the shelves are overflowing with the intricate fittings and exotic design treatments for the Mustang. The item shrouded with a white canopy is the secret weapon: the dreaded 4.6 Liter V8 engine. On the left is an empty canister which had held the solid rocket fuel cells on which the vehicle runs.

Each month one vehicle is completed for which they roll out the blue carpet. You see none of the highly skilled German scientists who are employed to design and build the car. They were concerned about certain provisions of the Patriot Act which might interrupt production when they are deported. Remember, you saw it here first, We celebrate the quintessential American Pony Car and say to the Japanese automakers, " Have a rice day ".


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