Thursday, September 14, 2006

Vanity Mirror

Most automobiles come with a vanity mirror tucked over the passenger's sun visor which allows the person in the copilot's seat preen and groom themselves. They may be making a strategic makeup move, trying to uncross their eyes or searching for that ever embarrassing remnant of spinach in the teeth. Chances are, however, they're only admiring the thing of beauty in the mirror.

Luxury automobiles come with a lighted vanity mirror which flatters the viewer in similar fashion as their dressing mirror at home which is encircled with more soft white round bulbs than a 1950's movie theater marquee. The lighted mirror eradicates those dark circles under the eye and bathes other time flaws in soft uniform light. Older folks buy luxury cars which is why they're so equipped.

Some car lovers believe that their vehicle has a soul. While that's a fanciful concept, there's no denying that many automobiles have personalities which are defined by their stylish lines. Some animal lovers pretend that their pets have a soul which is even more fanciful a concept. This leads them to believe that the critter "loves" them. Nonsense. Animals simply learn to follow the hand which feeds them and associates the sight, sound, smell of that human with mealtime and structure. The Mustang GT doesn't love us or any person, place or thing other than gasoline. We do, however, feel that if it does have a personality then it must have some vanity. So, we drove all over the state and finally found a suitable vanity mirror for this little blue car.

The GT is taking a nice long broadside view of itself. There are several other vehicles in the lot which seem to be mooning themselves. We know that automobiles are incapable of love, but could they be disposed to self-loathing?


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