Monday, August 28, 2006

Welcome to Bamberg

One of the many delights of traveling the circuitous back roads of our state is the joy of meeting and making new friends in all of the 46 counties. We are at times spotted by fans along the way. Bamberg, SC, is no exception.

We didn't think that we had earned much readership in Bamberg County, but as can be clearly seen, we are being hailed by a fan from his balcony as we chanced to pass his place. Our buddy insisted that we drop on in and directed us to park right behind his truck which he keeps in the garage below his stylish apartment. We did like the concept of off-street parking as a means of reducing the crowding such as we suffer in Charleston.

It's never too soon to begin planning for the regentrification which is growing in so many little towns in South Carolina. Sometimes, of course, the construction lags behind the imagination. We see primarily nostalgia portrayed on those painted walls which we love to discover. Our friend in Bamberg, however, is looking toward the future.


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