Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wayne Carrington's Barnyard Barbecue


Wayne's got his regulation sign posted on the building just as we like, but he's got a secondary sign which is a nice addition. It's on an old sign provided by the local Coca-Cola bottler with " Barnyard Barbecue " still readable on the otherwise faded facing. What's even nicer about this sign is that it's hanging from a section of radio tower. We wondered what was sent out over the air from here. It seems absolutely wrong to deliver BBQ so this was not for dispatching drivers. Perhaps they sent out Gospel programming or maybe it was used as a CB tower to lure truckers into this North Georgia pork palace.

Inside there was that nice sort of elderly lady we enjoy seeing behind the counters in these places. She was quite kind and most accommodating. After taking our order she had fixed a plate which she took over to an even older soul whom she required to eat the presented goodness. The older soul seems to have been one of those typical holdouts who often comes across with such lines as, " Ain't hungry, ain't gonna' eat, got nothing to life for ". We think this sort of drivel is little more than a means of extracting free food from good hearted folks. It worked nicely in this case.


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