Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blake Mitchell won't be here on Saturday

For the benefit of anyone who hasn't been in the state for more than twenty-four hours, this is Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, SC, the home of the "Fighting Gamecocks" of the University of South Carolina. This GT has a better chance of being on the field this Saturday than their quarterback, Blake Mitchell.

When the Gamecocks meet Wofford on September 16 at home, Mitchell won't be there. He was suspended by Coach Steve Spurrier today after being charged for allegedly punching someone in the nose at a Columbia bar on Tuesday evening. We're not excusing anything even and in fact we're not really Carolina fans. We freely admit that Clemson has had more than their share of players arrested and some on far more serious charges.

We're not suggesting that being on the football teams of major state universities should excuse even alleged misconduct. We're not encouraging fist fighting since that seems to comes right naturally to a lot young fellows without our help. We're just so tired of reading about shootings over a pair of shoes or a wrong look or any other pointless reasons for pointless killings. We're more than glad that the alleged incident was not a dope deal or a shooting. We're almost happy to hear about (alleged) fist fights in these dreadful days of carnage and misery. We hope that nobody's going to jail, but ever so grateful that nobody's going to boot hill either.


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