Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sunday Bar-B-Cue Alert !


Anyone who has read more than three of our postings or may have shadowed us for more than a few miles will testify that this vehicle contains a porcine magnet. The draw is so strong that it has caused us to swerve unexpectedly and forced us down roads we'd never known. Barbecue is a consuming passion for us and consuming barbecue is a passion for us.

There are two things about which we do not concern ourselves: 1) The nutritional downside of eating barbecued pork and 2) The amount of gasoline it takes to find it. Certainly it's not high on the whole earth organic politically correct list of approved consumables. We do not misapprehend the nature of such food and hash is an amalgamation of such things and we dare not research. We just love barbecue and everything which shares its table. We've sampled well over twenty variations of sauce and hash and have yet to find any which we would hesitate to fall upon in the future.

We wrote recently of the specifications which we embrace in order to consider any given restaurant a true BBQ joint. The one thing we did not enlarge upon is the most constant feature of almost all BBQ joints: Closed on Sunday. Chairs upside down on the tables, lot empty, pit cool and doors nailed shut. No BBQ on Sunday. We are not sure whether this is to allow the good folks who prepare these treats to have that day of worship or that BBQ is considered just a little too much fun to be having on the Sabbath.

Well, here at G & G Barbecue, 6622 Savannah Hwy., Neeses, SC 29107, they are open Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. We didn't get as much as a free hushpuppy for this plug nor are we likely to get one on our return even with a printout of this posting. Most folks in most BBQ joints are still a little suspicious of the internet and prefer word of mouth for puffing their wares. We just don't see many laptops parked on these tables.

We send out this alert not to discourage anyone from going to church, but to open the door to a world largely closed to all: Sunday BBQ. We're certainly not in the heathen making business, but we feel that all day on the road for a visit to one good barbecue joint is time well spent. Besides, we always have those wonderful " IN LIEU OF (CHURCH) ATTENDANCE " entries posted Sundays on Walk This Way. We let those take care of our souls and we let two Alka-Seltzers deal with our Sunday barbecue excesses.


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