Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Killers on the Road: This Bud's for You


We caught up with these killers in St. George, SC. We were rolling down Hwy. 78 and there appeared to be something going up at the pumps other than the prices. No, these aren't real Killer Whales, but they're genuine eye catchers.

We met the fellow who makes these things. He's in the metallic gray truck which is pulling the Bud wagon. Since he had a nice, normal dog riding shotgun we figured he'd be a decent sort himself which he was. He explained that he hauls his work all over creation or evolution depending upon where you stand on that matter. We don't think that his whales will become extinct any time soon. "Kill a few beers, not whales" might be a working slogan.

The whales are downsized and those kings of beers are upsized so the emphasis seems to be on the royal bottles. Budweiser stays on the throne because they keep their product in the public eye in effective ways. This little red wagon should do for the moment. We don't think that it will cause an increase in the consumption of beer by whales, but it should keep humans interested.

Some may wonder why Killer Whales are being used to promote a famous beer. We're not PR experts, but one thing we DO know is that whales will sell a lot more beer than Sting Rays could these days.


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