Sunday, August 27, 2006

Neighbors Mourn Loss of Drag Strip


This is the Lowcountry Dragway in Berkeley County, S.C. If you happened to read the (Charleston) POST AND COURIER today ( 8/26/06 ) you would know that the neighbors and a great many citizens of Moncks Corner and the outlying areas of this county are upset at the prospect of losing this drag strip The article told of how families have been attending events here for several generations, interviewed folks who had met there and later married and of the general love which this piece of racing tarmac engenders.

The Dragway is being gobbled up by development, an event which is being greeted in the same manner as a proposal to insert a likeness of Osoma Bin Laden into the fire department's manger scene.

When you compare this community reaction to the one which greeted a proposal to introduce a raceway near the Beidler Forest, you begin to see a sweet sense of irony in these two stories.


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