Monday, October 10, 2005

Pony Throws a Shoe

Pony Throws a Shoe, originally uploaded by PALMETT0.

The pony threw it's first shoe on a visit to a scenic and remote landing at Huger, SC. A FLAT TIRE ! A flat tire way off the beaten path.

With great relief it was discovered that not only was there a spare, but it was properly inflated and came with a working jack. I keep forgetting that it is a new car.

Not only did the spare work, but the dealer replaced the tire...under warranty !

The service one gets at some dealers is just a little worse than a trip to the electric chair. It's considered normal for many dealers to laugh one off the lot when they come back with a problem under warranty.

Fortunately, I had faith in my dealer before buying the car. Good old Jones Ford took good care of us today. I even had a chance to visit with the fellow who sold me the car, Anthony McCown, who has been very helpful before, during and after the sale.

It's nice and sadly rare to deal with an outfit which could screw you, but doesn't, which doesn't have to be so helpful, but is.

They keep this Mustang Rolling and I'm glad to be back on the road.


Anonymous Ron Smith said...

Saw the article in today's paper and rushed back to my computer to make your site a "favorite"! Anthony sold a Windveil Blue GT to me, too, back last January. Mine is also without the rear spoiler, has 5-speed and light graphite interior (premium with interior upgrade). I have only begun looking your site over, but I love it so far!


11:17 AM  
Anonymous Ron Smith said...


I went back to the article and realized that I had confused your name with the reporter Jim Parker! Sorry about that!



11:24 AM  

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