Friday, October 07, 2005

Wine List: Packard '37 or '05 GT ?

The GT takes a back seat to this classic 1937 Packard, one of the most beautiful American made cars in history. I spotted the Packard parked at a roadside grape stand while easing down Hwy 17 South toward Jacksonboro.

As to vintage, the GT, though Retro, is strictly Beaujolais Nouveau, while the Packard is more on the lines of a Chateau Lafite-Rothchild so it is shown due respect above. The GT is available by the glass, but if you want a bottle of Packard 1937, you'd better get a second mortgage.

On this sunny day, it's owner dusted it off and drove it out of the wine seller for all to enjoy. To several young island boys, these cars side by side looked like alien spacecraft. They will be checking out the "NATIONAL ENQUIRER" at the check out to see if these cars made the front page.

I had a nice talk with the Packard's owner, passed on the grapes and eased down the road to uncork the GT for a stretch. I felt that like a good red wine, the GT should "breathe" a little and set it's singing wheels to that task.

I had been very taken with the deep cobalt blue of the Packard, but certainly the GT remains closer to the heart because it is eye-blue


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