Sunday, October 09, 2005

Of Mustang and Military Mannequins

The GT shares the spotlight with an interesting shrine found on Hwy 15 just north of St. George.

On stage are a set of female mannequins each dressed in a different uniform representing branches of US Military one of which is in a wheelchair with an IV dangling. At first glance they look real in this startling memorial.

It seemed an interesting backdrop, but a local citizen circled during the taking of this snapshot, stalked the GT upon departure all the way to a gas station several miles away then took down the license number in a menacing gesture. It was a middle-aged lady who resembled one of the mannequins, but was slightly more limber.

Note the small helicopter suspended over the GT in the picture. This may be a robotic drone sent to hunt down the Winveil so the GT is now stashed under camouflaged netting until this threat passes. Of course, with so few GT's yet released to the public, it may well have been mistaken for a UFO, there being one currently stationed in Bowman. So, the gal in the '91 Crown Vic must be with Homeland Security and what a relief that is.


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I think I know your license tag.


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