Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Deporting the Port from Port Royal

Port Royal, SC, is a wonderful small town which is removed from the mainstream of tourist attractions. We have always enjoyed the true feeling of a village which Port Royal provides the visitor both visually and in terms of the cordial nature of its people. Port Royal is very close to Beaufort, SC and is the location of a small facility of the S.C. Ports Authority. Port Royal has not been a cash cow for the Ports Authority so the state is closing that facility and may offer the very choice waterfront land for sale. It has not, however, been a heavy loser for the state either.

It should be noted that the original charter of the South Carolina Ports Authority made very clear that its various terminals were not simply a revenue generator as should be the case in a private corporate structure. They exist to encourage economic growth, support local businesses and to provide jobs. In recent years the Ports Authority has come under the influence of bottom liners who embrace the Authority as corporate playing field on which the sole mission is profit. Their scoreboard has little room for the chartered mission of the Authority..

The SCPA Port Royal facility has coexisted nicely with the recreational opportunities enjoyed by its citizens. If that facility is sold, what is likely to land on that prime waterfront property? On a recent visit we encountered a sign of what might well be on the way. Only the current recession is holding the line against the tide of on rushing condos. We have posted two photographs of that immediate area of Port Royal. Which do you think is the better path?


Anonymous Joe said...

Of course I prefer the photo without the condo sign. I grew up hunting shark teeth, skipping rocks and making out on the Sands next to the Port buildings. Would be a shame to see condos rising up from the Sands. But given what has occurred down there the past 20 or so years it is something to be expected.

7:12 PM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Joe, we well understand how those happy years make the prospect of a soon to be developed Port Royal seem an unhappy future. Yes, considering how so many unspoiled little places have vanished to development, only the current recession holds back that tide. Thanks for your comment.

10:46 PM  

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