Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Rosin from Easterville

One of our favorite characteristics of small towns is the way in which they celebrate both the changing of seasons as well as spiritual and sacred days. Some towns promote a message of faith in a decidedly religious context. Others take the more secular approach in which the celebration plays out on a safer commercial ground. At the intersection of Hwy 15 and Hwy 178 at the town of Rosinville, S.C., a local group of women have erected both.

On one corner they have portrayed the Crusifixation in stark three dimensional figures. We felt that it would be inappropriate to pose the car before such a sacred symbol of faith. On the other corner they have gone for the secular and commercially appealing image which is seen above. It is this with which we feel more comfortable intruding upon.

Whichever view one prefers we hope that Easter has been enjoyable for all.


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