Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break: "Drunk on a beach in Florida": HOUSE PARTY !

In an article for the Charleston (SC) daily newspaper, The POST AND COURIER, Ken Burger tells us that " Most American students spend spring break drunk on a beach in Florida." Many do as did we, but here in South Carolina during the carefree college years. Thoughtful readers are as tired of the sanctimony and self loathing of reformed booze artists as Florida residents are fatigued by annual onset of artful boozing by college kids on spring break. Was the writer's generation doing then what out of state college volunteers are shown doing here ?

Is this another wild house party full of drunken college kids? No, actually this very attractive new house which is seen behind the Mustang was built by college students on spring break. We didn't bring our portable Breathalyzer, but we know drunks when we see them and this is one happy, but sober group of people.

The second photo shows a close up of the volunteers who did most of the heavy lifting and hard work. They subcontract the critical segments which require licensed technicians for electrical and plumbing work, but these young people have put their hearts and backs into building this house. They built this house in a neighborhood which may be called challenged or disadvantaged or said to be in transition. The plan fact is that it's the nicest house by far at an area in which it took courage to build and to live. This could well inspire others to make a similar effort as builders and as new neighbors.

So, rather than tearing up a rental house, these college folks have built a home for a family who will never forget their unselfish gesture. The smiling lady in the white hat is the new owner of the house. The volunteers are smiling from the joy which helping others has brought them. It is reasonable to presume that they will leave a trail of smiles in their wake as the donate their spring break to those in need in South Carolina.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is always a pleasure to see the mustang. Great story.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Thanks and the Mustang is pleased to hear from you. We don't know the name of the architect, but we can certify that the young people who built the house are decidedly AIA ( Always in Action ).

12:27 AM  

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