Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Drunk on a beach in Florida" Part 2: The ILLINI rock !

We came away from the house party with a good feeling about and toward the college students. They had literally made a new home for a family in a distressed neighborhood at North Charleston, S.C. We wondered what else was on their agenda.

The next day we found them repairing and repainting an old building which serves as the headquarters for Habitat for Humanity in Charleston. The place had begun to look long in the tooth and very short on appearance. These college volunteers have painted the entire exterior of the building. They have also repainted the sign on the front of the building and were busy applying siding to the exterior of the second story. This old place on upper Meeting Street needs all the work which the students are providing.

We noticed quite a few Illinois license tags on vehicles clustered around the building. Many of these students are from the University of Illinois. When it comes to lending a helping had to humanity, the ILLINI rock !


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