Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gatekeeper - Gatecrashers of the Arsenal

Windveil appears to have grown bat wings on breaching the gates of the Beaufort Arsenal and bounding into Craven Street. This is a great old structure which was built in 1798 then rebuilt in 1852. That certain patina which settles into anything which ages well came long ago to the Arsenal. We admire the rough tabby mortar which is revealed by decaying paint and shown through fissures in the surfaces. We fear that some well meaning soul will regard the building as blighted and work it over with Clorox then paint it some bright trendy color.

This may be considered to be the Arsenal of Endurance. It shows how a special place can play important roles in our history and with some luck survive, endure and prevail.

The Arsenal has become a museum both literally and figuratively. It is admired by a steady stream of visitors. It houses many rare and wonderful artifacts several of which are in the trunk hence our hasty launch through the gates. We nabbed the bronzed termites which ate George Washington's teeth. We're heading to E-bay with those babies.

One either respects and admires the joyful decay about the Arsenal or wants to buff it up with a lot of artificial window dressing to put that tourist spin on the place.

The password from a faithful gatekeeper is, " Who goes there? Friend of Faux ? "


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