Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Making Tracks to the River

Heading out of Laurens, SC, we came upon this surprising fresco. This is not a bit of site specific art within a major metro urban renewal tract nor does it commemorate a significant event in American history. The paint's a little too fresh to have been a New Deal WPA project.

While it's a bit this side of the accomplished Blue Sky's rendering of " Tunnel Vision ", it's quite nice. It is very good work considering that this commission probably fell far below those grants from the deeper pockets of Columbia. Dollar for dollar we may be in somewhat greener pastures out here in the country with this charming bit of outdoor artistry.

Actually, this turns out to be merely an ad, a very creative promotion painted upon masonry. This, too, was probably a lot less expensive than the City of Charleston's rental of a half dozen billboards used to keep the Aquarium afloat.

We much prefer this to the standard lighted panel on wheels which usually has a flashing arrow to lead one into places they'd rather not have discovered. The message would seem to tell us that folks are making tracks to the River Tracks Cafe. We didn't stop to give the restaurant the full DHEC shakedown inspection as we had to keep making our own tracks down the road. When you take a good look at Windveil's timetable one would have to remark that it was a hell of a way to run a railroad.


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