Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blue Car at Blue Hose

Here we are at Neville Hall at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. Presbyterian fields both basketball and football teams in college play. They are called the " Blue Hose " which differ a bit from the usual animal mascot. We have the Tigers of Clemson, The Gamecocks of U.S.C., The Bulldogs of the Citadel, all fierce mascots, but.... Blue Hose ? Well, this is because the team traditionally wore blue hose or stockings. This may be the only college which uses long socks as their mascot.

Oh, well, sports isn't everything. It was founded in 1880 as Clinton College, but later became Presbyterian or " PC " as it's called these days. PC was not so politically correct as it only accepted men at one time and is probably not a bastion of liberal politics even today.

We had no real reason to call on PC and actually no business driving up the walkway of Neville Hall for that matter. Yes, that's a sidewalk not a driveway. Folks just milled around and went about their business figuring that this photo op must surely be a college sanctioned event. This is just a tiny example of how you can roll into a place, do something nutty, but if you look like you're supposed to be there others will think that you do.

This was not an experiment in civil disobedience or an adventure in trespassing, but simply a clear and pretty day at a beautiful old campus and we thought we'd just share some it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Blue Hose!

Great to see the old campus. There are tons more to see and we wish you well.

By the way...it is Blue Hose...which are socks...not smurf prostitutes!

10:25 AM  
Blogger Penny said...

Yay Blue Hose!

...Just for some background info, we're called the Blue Hose because PC was founded on Scottish Heritage background, and during the war the scottsmen..(aka. like Braveheart) wore blue hose (blue stockings) ...and that is why we are called the Blue Hose! :)

1:53 AM  

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