Monday, February 27, 2006

Up Against a Wall

We're back in Columbia, SC, and drawn close to another delightful fresco. Columbia seems to lead the state as far as we can tell in this outdoor art form, the colorful images painted on blank commercial walls. Columbia may have more blank commercial walls than the rest of the state or just more talented outdoor artists.

We are parked at a Midas franchise on Millwood Street which caught our eye while trying to track down yet another such painted wall across town. That's like having a fish jump into the boat while you're casting for different one. We can't tell what sort of luck the depicted fisherman is having, but that seems far beside the point. He's fishing while you're either on your way to work or waiting on a muffler installation so that you can eventually get there.

These frescos seem to evoke escape. They call upon you to flee from whatever unhappy, boring or unsound enterprise which is currently grinding you into the pavement. Perhaps it suggests that once ground down, you, too, will become part of the road over which other disheartened drivers must pass on their way to similar drudgery. Do you then become just another minor stratum in the seven layer cake of hell ? This one wonders whether you could give up a bit of the money to regain a bit of your sanity, we think.

Nothing so much vexes a man as knowing that some other man is out of his house, in his boat, under a clear sky and not at work. Nothing, that is, except having to see it as he does before this painted wall.

Is the man in the boat chiding you for the deadly sin of greed or is he provoking in you the deadly sin of envy ?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know your car is "blessed;" but have you checked out the Lourdes for autos at Healing Springs, located out of Blackville? How about Indian Field Campground near St. George?

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Agricola said...

I think the mural is nothing more than an expression of the essence of the building owner.....the paradoxical nature of his self. The sign on the door says "Open, but gone fishing."

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do you get film for one of them fancy digital cameras anyway ? I've been looking high and low.... lordy , lordy .......

9:08 PM  
Anonymous WINDVEIL said...

Anon #1: Thanks for the suggestion on Healing Springs at Blackville. We will go there. Please check out our postings of Nov. 27 " Preacher's Getaway Car " which was shot behind the central meeting area at Indian Field Camp Meeting grounds and Nov. 16's " Two Seater meets Two Seater ". That was taken just outside the circle of cabins. Thanks again for the lead.

Thanks also to Agricola for enlarging on the essence of the building owner. One of those Swanson brothers had, may still have, this franchise and could well afford time off for fishing. He certainly held his own with lawyer and banker brothers. I always thought the essence over there was exhaust fumes, the smell of money.

To Anon #2; well, Ritz Camera, for one, will galdly relieve you of your ready cash for a D70. I ordered some high resolution digital film, but they said it might take a while. They tell me that I can expect it to be delivered about the same time they refund our property taxes in Charleston County. I'm tuning blue.

11:02 PM  

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