Saturday, February 18, 2006

10K Pause

Here we have the GT before the " pause which refreshes " , to use an old Coke ad slogan. This being a weekend car, a day tripper, a special mission vehicle, it does not rack up the daily trek mileage of commuting.

We've been reporting from the road since September and today Windveil chalked up its 10,000 Th. mile. It seems only fitting that after a good 10K run, one deserves a....Coca-cola. We'll, being that we remain sober as a judge so that we don't end up in front of one and enjoy visiting, but not residing in cemeteries, we stick to non-alcoholic potables. After that third Martini one might not be able to find third gear.

If we wanted to be high handed about all this, we'd probably be a Porsche. Give us a Ford, a good old Coke and a Payday candy bar and we're ready for another 10K. In just 90,000 more miles, Windveil's looking at it's first tune up. No Porsche gets to pause so long between tune ups. By the way, sometimes we allow a few peanuts to slip into the coke bottle just so we don't start thinking that we're better than everyone else. We'll settle for just looking better.


Anonymous Ann Griffin said...

The next time you venture into NC, drive up to Beech Mt. and enjoy the ride on the switchbacks; also great sites in Camden, SC, Aiken, SC and Georgetown County. After living in Charleston I did not think any other place could compete with the "plantation culture", but Georgetown County has an amazing number of well kept secrets. A picture of the mustang in front of one of those gorgeous places would be awesome. Enjoyed the article this morning

8:41 PM  

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