Monday, February 13, 2006

Bless This Car

The depiction of blessing in this statue needs no introduction. The blessing, of course, extends far beyond us, but then it does not seem to exclude us either. Perhaps it's more a gesture of welcome, but then any welcome is always something of a blessing in itself.

There is a sense of irony about this special place and it's pastoral grounds. On the one hand the Moncks live a life of regimented dedication. Their Order is very explicit in it's strictures, absolute in it's rules and demanding of their devotion. There is, however, an openness here toward strangers and no demand of proof of faith to enter their gates. They seem to let nature and the land make their case for them supplemented by icons of inspiration. Whatever message visitors take from here probably differs as do each visitor. It would be unusual for one to tour this place and leave without feeling...something.


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