Sunday, February 05, 2006

Head to Head with " The Boss "

While cruising along in Laurens County, SC, we spotted this good looking GT which resembles Ford's " Sonic " blue. It was parked in the lot of " LEC " ( Laurens Electric Cooperative ) so we'll just call it "Electric Blue".

Going head to head with the boss in the work place is always risky business. Going head to head with this " Boss " in the quarter mile might be even more risky if a there was money on the race. The owner has taken pains to make his car a look very nice and we suspect that he's probably bumped up the voltage under the hood as well.

In the early 70's Ford came out with a version of the Mustang which was nicknamed " The Boss ". This late model GT has that painted on it's side. We couldn't decide whether it was a nostalgic memo or a statement of the driver's position with the Co-op. Whichever the case might be, that car is probably in charge on the back roads of Laurens County.


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