Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Did you hear the one about the Farmer's Daughter and the Traveling GT?

Say, did you ever hear the one about the Farmer's Daughter and the Traveling GT? Well, it seems there was a sweet young unspoiled daughter of a farmer out in the rural midlands of South Carolina. Being his only daughter, she was naturally the apple of the old boy's eye so he kept her at long and honest toil within the sanctuary of those many innocent acres of cultivated land. Even though she had reached majority, the Farmer, kept her from the temptations of a sinful world....for her own good.

One sunny day after considerable labor in the fields she had dismounted the tractor which she rode side saddle, of course. While taking a few reflective moments rest, along came a Windveil Blue Mustang GT along side of the tractor. A local tractor, it reasoned, would be the best source of directions if lost in the rural midlands which indeed it was.

The Farmer, a caring and traditional man, had sternly advised his daughter to avoid conversations and especially contact with strange machinery, lest, he feared she might become deflowered by some worldly sophisticated implement from the wicked city.

During their conversation, the tractor had laid out directions for the GT's return to the intended path. After their friendly conversation the tractor allowed as how we was a bit too old and did live on the Farmer's land, under the Farmer's watchful eye and had never followed any of his more earthy instincts toward the daughter. He had plowed only the Farmer's fields. He felt, however, that the young, dashing stranger might catch her eye and have his way. The GT was cautious because it did not have it's dirt track tires mounted and was reluctant to get into the field without off road rubber.

In due course, the tractor eased back to its duties on its own, the daughter became caught up in the glitter and deep voice of the GT's un-muffled mufflers. Let's just say that this was a case of the tractor rolling hay while the Mustang was rolling IN the hay.

After a while and before the sun set or the Farmer came looking, the GT cranked up and made it's way back down to the Lowcountry. Since the GT is a native of the coastal paradise of South Carolina, it is only natural that it would be more at home near the rivers, creeks, estuaries and the ocean which grace that more livable environment. After returning to the coast it seemed to pause more frequently at those sites. A few days later , it sent an anonymous e-mail to the Farmer which read, " Dear Sir, ever since I met your daughter, I can't seem to pass no water ".


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