Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Font of All Midland Bloggers' Knowledge

Having just graced the cover of a monthly lowcountry S.C. magazine, Windveil hits the paper trail or more precisely the information highway, a/k/a, The Internet. Having made a little bit of news ourselves, we decided to find out where the real news, the inside information, the scoops, the knowledge comes from. We are after all ourselves a blog and we wish that we knew more about our state. This, of course, IS the reason why we are always rolling.

Sampling the blogs of the Midlands is a good place to start. All information comes from the Midlands. It seems like all of the insiders are IN the Midlands. There are so many insiders inside of the Midlands that they have to send out for outsiders when they run low.

Our most recent peek into the Midlands bloggers cornucopia of information was all the call we needed to hit the information highway which leads to or perhaps originates in the Midlands. That's it, it flows out from the Midlands on down to the uninitiated, the unlearned, the outsiders. So our trip is actually swimming upstream against the current of current events and up into the spawning grounds of all inside information, of all ...truth.

Well, by golly, not all of our trips are this successful, but we have clearly penetrated into the source of all inside information, to the Font of All Knowledge for the bloggers of the Midlands. Here, faithful readers, in the above posted photo is where they get it all. That's one small step for Mustang and one giant leap for outsiders.


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