Wednesday, January 11, 2006

1 Soy Latte and 2 Chicken Necks to go, please

There's not much need to ask for a soy latte here or a fussy little Brie here. They have cheese in a large wheel in the cooler right next to the liver pudding and the chicken necks. You probably won't find that killer Chardony here, but Budwiser is in stock. No sushi today, but they do have very good hot dogs.

Tracking down colorful and independent enterprises is an integral part of the blog. We've got a nice catch here just off of the Maybank Highway on Wadmalaw Island, SC. This store has been around for quite a few years and still remains in the family. Such places are vanishing from the planet faster than freshman virtue at a fraternity party. Catching up with the survivors requires a swift mount. We've got to run because the next one down the road might be out of business before we hit 4th gear.

Speaking of running, don't mistake the Citrate of Magnesia for a bottle of Heineken as they look the same, but one gets your attention a lot faster.

We just pulled over here because we had run out of Magic Shaving Powder.

Happy Motoring.


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