Sunday, January 29, 2006

GT visits G-Town

Certainly there are those who must wonder why, with all of the living history, the colorful shops, the gritty urbanscapes, the natural wonders which roll down from our mountains to the ocean at our door, why then do we pause and post these painted imitations of life, these blasted massive murals.

Since April of 2005, not yet a year, we've visited more than half of South Carolina's forty-six counties, made incursions into the mountains of Western North Carolina and will soon roll into Georgia. We don't catch many sunrises, but we've caught every sunset since then and put the GT into every lush nook and cranny which nature and the existing road bed will allow. We're nuts about nature, but we are also students of the human condition and murals ( they're actually frescos ) like this one of Historic Georgetown, aid in this study.

As massive undertakings, these frescos are usually created for one of two reasons: 1 - To give color and charm to an otherwise blank, hideous or unfashionable surface or 2 - To puff up the chest of community pride and honor the town or its history. Georgetown is doing a little of both above captioned photo.

The scene above portrays commercial and residential structures which face the water along Georgetown's Front Street commercial corridor. We found it disarmingly realistic. Our only concern is that it is such a good job that some tourist on a cell phone looking for that depicted row of restaurants, bars and shops might drive right into this rather rigid canvas. Heaven forbid that such a thing should happen, but if it did only once, expect to see a life sized fresco of one of those ambulance chasing lawyers erected next door, next day.


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