Friday, January 20, 2006

Part 1: Mustang Visits the Governor

Well, these aren't the Pearly Gates, but they guard the hallowed grounds of the Governor's Mansion of South Carolina at Columbia, the state capital. Windveil pauses on the way out after a gracious reception and a long conference with the state's Chief Executive.

It was an illuminating session in which we discussed the burning issues of the day: property tax reform, recruiting new industry to the state and lifting the statewide speed limit to 90 miles per hour. Before I had the chance to ask for appointments for some of my friends to high paying state jobs, our time ran out. The Governor walked out and admired the blue Mustang as he pondered equipping the Highway Patrol with a fleet of them. While we chatted he couldn't resist the temptation to touch it then offered to wax the car right then and there. What hospitality ....and didn't he put killer shine on that Pony car !

After all the time the Governor shared with us, we felt that we should be moving along. He reluctantly let us leave, but only on the condition that we take him on our next barbecue run. We just said, " well, we'll have to see about that " and the gates closed behind us....


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