Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Tale of Two Flags, 1 City, a Faint Echo

Well, it's certainly not Fort Sumter as the War Between the States did not begin here, but it looks like it ain't over yet. This is the " World Famous Redneck ( their term, not mine ) Shop " in Laurens, SC. They were in the news some time back, controversial then, but not so much anymore.

We rode up to the shop on a bright Sunday afternoon sometime between church and buffet lunchtime. Laurens was quiet and empty. The flag in front of the shop had furled itself and we asked permission to unfurl it so that the wind might spread it for the picture. The gentleman inside was most hospitable and said, " Take all the pictures you like, make yourself at home, do as you please ".

The shop occupies what was apparently a former movie theater. Notice the old name: ECHO, an appropriate title for a place where the past or some version of it still reverberates.


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