Monday, January 09, 2006

Milking the Mustang Theme

There may be those readers who feel that we've milked this Mustang theme dry. Not so. Every time we think we've seen it all, there something new comes around. What is pictured above is not exactly new, but it just keeps coming around and around and around.

No, we're not paid by, promoting or other wise part of Coburg Dairy, but their famous rotating cow is part of the Charleston West of the Ashley community. This is a mechanical cow moored to a rotating platform under the large circular logo of Coburg Dairy all of which occupies the highly visible corner of St. Andrews Shopping Center on Hwy 17 South.

We can't quite recall when that cow was not up there spinning around. It began as do most beloved community treasures, as a rather gaudy and obtrusive product promotion. Some folks thought it was a bit much, tasteless, goofy, even garish back in a time when advertising was cautiously creative and most sponsors were prominent local family companies.

Today, it would be easier obtain a permit to shoot sea turtles under the full moon than be allowed to remove this cow. There would be wholesale revolt, the paper would condemn and the citizens would hang anyone who as much as attempted to undermine this shrine from the highest point of the Firestone sign.

A while back some Citadel cadets tried to ride the cow and got busted and busted up. There was an attempted abduction. Vandals have struck and the weather has been unkind, but the Coburg Cow has come through it all. The cow is even seasonal now as it touted Coburg's Eggnog during the Christmas season.

We aren't giving anyone any free plugs here, but if the Hanckels should send us a quart of their good eggnog, we won't send it back. Keep that bovine turning.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got Coburg Milk?

9:16 PM  
Blogger Windviel said...

Yes, we've got Coburg and love it. Next to John C. Calhoun in Marion Square, the Coburg Cow is Charleston's favorite icon.

Actually, that's an ingenious contraption. Milking the cow while rotating was the fist way they made homogenized milk. Little know fact, that.

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