Saturday, January 07, 2006

Steel at Magnolia's

Here we have historic and beautiful Magnolia Plantation visited by a bit of good old De-troit steel. Actually, there's a good measure of Canadian effort in the Mustang as well, but as far as we know nothing from the Middle East except what's in the tank.

This comfy little abode dates to pre-Revolutionary times, has gone through several major renovations and has even been dismantled and reassembled owing to concerns over General Sherman's uninvited Southern tours. If the stucco on the Plantation house looks like common Portland Cement, it's not. The stucco is made from phosphate material mined right there on Magnolia's grounds.

The Plantation has several gardens which date further back than the main house. The Barbados Garden is the oldest in the US. There is also a garden maze which is modeled after one designed by King Henry VIII who reportedly used it to lure maidens for purposes which date back to the very first garden. We did not, however, see any apple trees about the place.

Not included in the above photo is one of the most photographed scenes in Low Country, South Carolina. A simple wooden structure called " The Long White Bridge ", one of seven on the place, but it's been photographed more than the house, the gardens or even this Blue Mustang GT. We couldn't devise an environmentally sound or automotively safe way to get the car upon or very close to that famous bridge, but we will come another day and find a way.


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