Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Country Store

Windveil blew in to this favorite stop on Hwy 176 recently. This is " THE " Country Store because that's it's name, but it is the quintessential country store at least as survives today. They have two gas pumps and an inventory with everything from Magic Shaving Powder to cigarette lighter flints, jelly roll to " Coconut Slice " candy ( simulated ) and the old standby in every country store: Citrate of Magnesia which mischief makers will substitute for Seven-Up or Sprite at parties. The victim gets the punch line of this little joke in short order.

I always stop by to check on their specialty: boiled peanuts which they cook right there at the store. These are the green, tender variety the smallest of which you can eat shell and all.

When I travel the back roads I seldom pass one of these little stores, but this is one of my favorites. It's is run by a nice couple with deep ties to this rural community and very little envy for the fast moving world of the interstate.


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